By purchasing contact lenses from Blue Banana (Gibraltar) Limited, you are agreeing to all the terms laid out in our disclaimer below. You must confirm that ALL the following statements are TRUE.

1. You are 18 years of age or over.

2. You confirm that the contact lenses purchased are for your own personal use.

3. You have received advice on the suitability of coloured contact lenses for you from a qualified optician or optometrist who has deemed your eyes to be suitable.

4. You confirm that the use of non prescription coloured contact lenses is solely for cosmetic use and will not be used to correct any eye defect or blurry vision.

5. You confirm and understand the processes and tasks required for preparation, cleaning, insertion, removal and upkeep of your coloured contact lenses and have received advice on these subjects from a registered medical practitioner.

6. You understand that these contact lenses are not suitable if you have any of the following eye conditions:

  • Eye infections
  • Corneal conditions
  • Eye conditions caused by allergies
  • Chronic or serious disease of the eye
  • Corneal ulcers or dystrophies
  • Any current eye irritations or inflammations

7. You understand the need to immediately remove any lenses that cause undue irritation, redness, soreness or excessive watering of the eyes.

8. You will check the contact lenses you receive before wear. If you are concerned with their suitability for your eyes, they should be checked with your dispensing optician.

9. You confirm you will NOT perform any of the following tasks whilst wearing contact lenses:

  • Share lenses with another person
  • Sleep whilst wearing coloured contacts
  • Wear more than one contact lens in each eye
  • Wear contact lenses during sport, especially contact sports and vigorous activities
  • Wear contact lenses whilst showering, swimming or any water sport
  • Wear contact lenses for longer than 8 hours at any time
  • Wash or clean your eyes and/or contact lenses with water

10. You can confirm you will follow our care information as written below:

Preparing Contact Lenses

  • Always wash your hands with soap and dry thoroughly before handling coloured contacts
  • Always soak coloured contacts in contact lens solution for at least two hours before use
  • Do NOT attempt to use contact lenses that appear to be damaged

Storing Contact Lenses

  • Store longer duration contact lenses in lens solution, in a clean contact lens case
  • Regularly change your contact lens solution to ensure the lenses remain bacteria-free
  • Regularly clean your case with fresh lens solution
  • Always inspect your contact lenses for any signs of damage, deterioration or bacteria before attempting to wear them again
  • Never wear contact lenses for longer than the specified duration. The duration starts from the time you open the contact lenses and does NOT refer to the number of uses

11. You have been made aware of the need for continual check-ups with a medical professional to ensure top ocular health and maintain a healthy eye condition.

12. You understand that the finished visual look of lenses may vary dependent on your eye colour.

13. You understand that the coloured contact lenses do not provide UV protection from sunlight (unless specified).

If you are in any doubt whatsoever as to the suitability of these coloured contact lenses then you must NOT purchase them. Please consult your own registered medical practitioner or optician for advice on wearing coloured contact lenses. If your lenses are unopened, you can contact us for return information and a refund.

If you agree to and understand, all of the statements above, then My vision welcomes you to complete your order.